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Detergents Laundry & Home Care Application



  • High Absorption power for liquids thus effectively works at lower loading
  • Helps to improve flowability and prevents caking of powders
  • Absorbs perfumes and liquid enzymes and release during wash cycle
  • Inert material and has good compatibility in detergent powder formulations
  • Cost effective solution for making whitening claims
    • MSPL range of synthetic precipitated Silica’s are inert materials, fine white odorless powder, chemically inert, non-toxic and free from impurity.
    • Laundry detergent powder formulation use liquids like surfactant actives, perfume & enzymes in an inorganic base, as a result of which the pre-mix tends to be sticky and does not flow well.
    • MFIL-100 (special) grade of silica is designed specifically for Laundry/ Fabric/ Home Care powders to make the powders flow easily.
    • The silica particles coat the surface of the substrate, thereby reducing the interparticle interactions by preferentially absorbing the moisture that causes bridging between particles. The fine particles of silica coat the surface of the powder thereby providing a parting action which improves and maintains the flowability of the mix. 

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