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Anti Caking and Free Flow Application


Product Characteristics:

  • MSPL ranges of Synthetic Precipitated Silica & Silicates are inert materials, fine white odorless powder, chemically inert, non-toxic and free from impurity.
  • Meets EU directives, ISO-22000, Halal, Kosher, FSSAI certified and registered for REACH & permitted for use in foods.
  • Moisture, Pressure and Temperature adversely affects powdered products. These conditions can cause caking, bridging in hoppers, clogging of lines, equipment and lead to severe packaging problems and lumping of material on storage.
    • 1. Synthetic High Brightness Precipitated Silica and sodium alumino-silicate offers free flowing & anti-caking characteristics to substrates that have poor flow properties and tend to cake on storage. The high absorption power and outstanding anti-caking property is ideally suited for use in Foods, Seasonings, Flavors, Fragrance, thereby improving the free flow characteristics of powders.

      2.The silica particles coat the surface of the substrate, thereby reducing the interparticle interactions by preferentially absorbing the moisture that causes bridging between particles. Very fine particles of conditioners coat the surface of the ingredients providing a parting action which improves and maintains the flowability of the mix.  High oil absorption enables the conditioner to preferentially absorb oil, fats, and moisture in the substrate.

      3.The silica conditioners can be used in Food Mixes, Salt, Beverage mixes, Dairy creamer, hygroscopic materials, Industrial chemicals, Spices etc. thereby improving the shelf-life of the substrate by providing superior free flowing and anti-caking characteristics.

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