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The company Madhu Silica Pvt.Ltd., has the vision to continue being the leaders & largest manufacturers of Precipitated Silicas in India. The focus is on use of indigenous technology, to provide quality product for use in various industrial end applications. It is the company’s policy to operate with the following domains in the forefront:
  1. Concerns: Quality supplies and services and growth through sustainable development, are the foremost concerns of the company’s management. Safe operations ensuring care fore health and safety of all personnel is in the forefront of all activities. The management ensures adherence to legal rules as applicable by various government agencies. In support to this, the company has adopted Internationally acceptable Quality Standards, Environmental Standards as also focus on Good Manufacturing Practices & Food Safety norms.

  1. Customer Care: We value the business of our customers in same priority as our business responsibilities. Timely services of quality products, responsive communication and proactive approach to analyzing root cause & corrective, preventive actions to customer complaints are valued by all personnel in the company.
  1. Fair Practices: The management is committed to fair practices in its dealing with customers, agencies and dealers associated with the company.
  1. Human Resources: The company believes “man-power” as a back bone to its existence and success.
    1. Appropriate Behavior: The company believes in maintaining high standards of personal behaviors ensuring an atmosphere promoting good physical and mental health of the staff. The company prohibits any type of physical and mental abuse, Sexual or any form of harassment demeaning the dignity & livelihood of personnel in plant premises. The management assures that any such event which comes to notice or brought to notice shall be thoroughly investigated, weighed & brought to a justified end.
    2. Labour Practice: The management believes in observing the prevalent labour laws & rules laid down in the Factory’s Act. The company shall not permit Child Labour in its plant premises. It also forbids the use of forced labour for any plant activity.
    3. Pay & Facilities: The company follows fair practice in providing pay & facilities to its employees. The same are based on performance analysis, hierarchical positions.
  1. Growth: To stay ahead of competition, the company believes and supports growth with appropriate inputs in Research & Development. As a policy, the management encourages collaborative & independent testing & development tasks for new applications.
  1. Privacy & Confidentiality: Keeping its customers at the forefront, the company is committed to maintaining privacy & confidentiality of information received from its customers from point of view of specifications, formulation guidelines, research projects. The management ensures that the concerned employees do not knowingly divulge confidential information that would cause harm to the valuable customers.

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